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Food Name Your Wine Pairing Recommendation Your Blog or Website link with more information on your recommended matching (Optional)
lechon asada
Calf’s liver
Crab meat salad, avocado puree, salmon roe
Smoked sablefish
Beef and vegetable stir fry
mustard lemon salad dressing
bacon wrapped goat cheese stuffed prunes
bavarian pretzel
sunchoke soup
Antipasto misto
spinach, bacon
consomme juilnee
Baked hadfock
Ravioli stuffed with pears, ricotta and pecorino cheese with a butter sage sauce
aged gouda and ginger
goat cheese quesadillas
Salmon with Rhubarb sauce & Tarragon Mayo
Broad Beans Garlic & Fetta Bruschetta
Sautéed butternut squash
pork with tomatillos
melon with parma.ham
Pecan crusted salmon
Pasta fasole
spinach and feta tortellin
Chicken & dill
pollo asado
Tomato and fennel soup
demi glaze
Roasted beef bone marrow
Cuban black beans
chocolate cake and wine
Chicken and pesto
smoked yellow fin tuna
Ginger garlic pork
wild mushroom and leek tart with vermouth sauce
tomatoe potage
pomegranate glazed chicken breast
blackerned mahi mahi
bratwurst and sauerkraut
chicken scarparielle
pork tenderloin garlic
salmon meuniere
beef tenderloin with fig sauce
Tomato chicken vegetable soup
Maple Glazed Pork Roast
Bratt vurst
Brat vurst
Smoked Halibut with bacon-wrapped asparagus
Shrimp spring rolls
Dukkah crusted pork tenderloin
pork and sauerkuart
Flank steak with walnut and roquefort sauce
baked zita
Apple Cider Pork Chops
poached pears in red wine
ouefs a la portugaise
ouef a la portugaise
quaill eggs
petrel sole
Rub barb
hamburger yellow curry
Blue cheese stuffed pork tenderloin
calf liver and pork sausage pate
Chicken with pears and gorgonzola
Ramen (rice) noodles with chicken
steak with artichokes
Shrimp crostini
redfish on the half shell
Basil gelato
sweet onion relish
Lonster risotto
Scallop black pudding
spot prawn bisque
Dilly cucumber mbers
apple cider braised pork shank
Chicken & chorizo
Sheepheads fish
Snapper vera cruz
cold shrimp with tarragon vinegar lemon and capers
white chorizo
Balsamic turkey and caponata
pickled spicy snap peas
slow cooked beef cheek
Spinach and cream cheese stuffed chicken breasts
Creamy cucumber with dill
Amerena cherry
Jerked Beef kabob
Spanish flan
pasta with vadka sauce
Bacon wrapped water chestnuts in bbq sauce
asian pineapple chicken
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