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Food Name Your Wine Pairing Recommendation Your Blog or Website link with more information on your recommended matching (Optional)
Rost Duck
duck leghs
Dried fig and piork chop
veal tuscano
Mayonnaise Potato Salad
Mustard Potato Salad
parsnip puree
poppy seed and cardamon icecream
mignardise and mints
pheasant consomme
Cucumber Wrap with Cream Cheese
Cucumber Wrap
Fried plaintains
Sausage and Sauerkraut
Linguine with clam sauce with Spinach
Chicken marsal
Criollo de pollo
Asparagus ladagna
gorilla soup
Italian Stromboli
pork choucroute
Carmelized Onion and Mushroom Quiche
Shrimp with brandy peppercorn sauce
Breast of veal
Steak Dianne
halibut with bernaise
Lobster sauce
hot sauce
rum cake with toasted coconut
monkfish liver
Shrimp with avocado mousse
chicken with basil marinara
Antiposto sandwhich
Salmon Milano with Basil Pesto Butter
pork grilled
lobster wellington
salted caramel chocolate tart
baileys pancotta
Spinach salad with goat cheese
pea and mint
grilled. avocado
baked pompano
sole almandine
jerusalem chicken
Bacon latest and tomato sandwich
Seared foie gras with salted lemon cream and hazelnuts
Dare salmon poch
Smoked goatccheese
Black bean soup with ham
spicu chicken livers
Chantilly cake
Cuban pork roadt
corn soup
bahn mi
Bacon cream cheese pizza
beignets, crab
ham pork andoullie jambalaya
Lemon garlic swai
Angles on horseback
Achote chicken
poached egg and peas
Bills by
Rotisserie veal roast with maple mustard glaze
Shrimp and red wine
sticky toffee date cake
Chicken Korma and Basmati rice
Italian meat balls
Ricotta Mushroom Ravioli
Chicken korma with basmatit rice
rock Cornish hen
chicken korma with bansmati rice
pork loin roast with brown sugar and fennel seed
2 Chicken korma with basmati rice
Pene rustica
Samlon and beert salad
Shrimp soft tacos
Maple basalmic glazed ham
miso chilean seabass
sole filet terrine
escargot garlic and butter
sunchoke bisque
mushroom consomme
yellow mustard
chedders cajun pasta
Maple bourbon chicken
Scallops and Pork Belly
Minted Tea Soup
amuse bouche caprice of duck liver
Plain cheesecake
Nero d`avola
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