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Food Name Your Wine Pairing Recommendation Your Blog or Website link with more information on your recommended matching (Optional)
Sweet and sour veal stew
beef samosa
Puff pastry salmon
major grey chutney chicken salad
strip loin roast
Chorizo broth
Coq vin
harissa pork
Teriyaki chickeb
Veal Chateaubriand
zuccini pasta
blue cheese sauce and chicken
pasta crab
beef tenderloin herb crusted with cabarnet
Shrimp and avocado salad on endive
Rigatoni Bolongnese
Spicey brisket
Pan roasted pompano
Pineapple cheese ball
tandoori salmon
cote du veal
Sauce chasseur
endive, gorgonzola & walnut salad
Chicken breast in green mole
Cherry chipolte sauce
wine pairing with rack of pork
slow roasted pork butt
Prime rib green peppercorn sauce
Pork chops poivre
mustard-crusted lamb
shrimp scalloop alfredo
veal escalop
veal mignon morel mushroom maderia wine sauce
pork chops mustard cream sauce
mustard cream sauce
Red pepper tart
wood roasted suckling
Crab and shrimp bisque
Proscuitto wrapped scallop
sweet and spicy bacon wrapped chicken
barley and split pea soup
Chicken Ballotine Tarragon Cream
smoked lamb icelandic hunkikjort
smoked lamb hunkikjort
Wild game plate,moose,salmo,pheasant, and walleye
grilled calamari with an olive oil, garlic and tomato bruschetta
Grilled calamari with an olive, garlic and tomato bruschetta
chutney mint chicken
peruvian chicken
parsnip soup and wine
chicken with honey glaze
saffron broth
peanut curry soup
candied bacon
pumpkin sage ravioli'
Grilled fennel
chickan french
pasta with Maderia sauce
Mussels, red sauce, linguine
fish cerviche
Bacon wrapped waterchestnuts
Veal stuffed with spinach and prosciuttto
Key lime pie Dessert wine
Melon and prawns
oriental beef
Cranberry chipotle cheese
Baked Brie with Cranberry
chicken creme fraiche
Teriyaki ginger beef
Wild-mushroom stuffed chicken breast
) Roasted red and yellow beet salad
Roasted red and yellow beet salad
Roast gurkey
Coconut cream cheese cake
Coconut cream cheese
Broccoli & mushroom quiche
Shredded beef
chicken scaloppini
Fire Roasted Corn and Hatch Green Chili Chowder with Ashe County Mountain Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Lave
Zuppa Toscana soup
mulligatawny stew
smoked pork shoulder cooked in ginger ale with juniper berries and mustard cream sauce
Fresh fruit salat
Brie pork chops
Green bean almandine
Fileet of hare
Chateaubriand Steak
tripe romano
roast chicken and boiled ham
Pinto beans & cornbread
Carmelized onion and gruyere cheese
Stir frye
Steak alfredo
Apple cuder glazed tofu
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